Living with the Effects of Tinnitus

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Although Tinnitus is not a life threatening condition, the effects on a persons quality of life can range from mildly irritating to causing major problems with every day living. The cause of Tinnitus will largely determine the person’s ability to manage the symptoms. This will affect both the severity of the Tinnitus symptoms and the length of time the person experience the symptoms. Some of the main effects of the condition are examined here.

Work – severe tinnitus can cause major problems with concentration at work such as being able to hear in meetings and follow conversations

Safety – problems can arise in a work environment around hearing warning signals or faulty machines. It can also be an issue in everyday live such as crossing roads.

School -Tinnitus is not limited to adults – children can also experience symptoms which can make it hard from them to hear what is being said in the classroom and can lead to lack of concentration which in turn could potentially lead to disruptiveness.

Social Life – following a conversation at a party or on a night out, or even having a meal or going to the cinema could be more difficult for people.

Sleep – Tinnitus can have a detrimental affect on sleep as the noise intensifies in the quiet making it hard to fall asleep. Lack of sleep then causes problems with concentration and irritability.

Relationships – Tinnitus can lead to issues with communication with partner and a perceived lack of empathy by the person experiencing the symptoms. The sufferer can become annoyed at the lack of understanding others may show towards the condition and may begin to feel isolated.

Anxiety and depression – the more severe the symptoms of tinnitus are, the more likely you are to feel anxious and depressed, to become irritable and have problems with concentration and sleep. Stress and anxiety exacerbate the symptoms and therefore you can become trapped in a cycle of making the symptoms worse.

These are some aspects of life that Tinnitus can affect. The symptoms can be so severe for some people as to become debilitating and even cause the person to feel suicidal. It is has been suggested that the reason the famous painter Vincent Van Gogh cut off his own ear was because he was driven mad by Tinnitus.

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