Self Help and Techniques for Tinnitus

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There are a number of things that you can do to help manage and reduce the symptoms of Tinnitus:

Exercise – take regular exercise. Exercise of very good for improving blood flow. Increasing blood flow to the ears can reduce the symptoms of tinnitus.

Relaxation – just as important as regular exercise is taking time to relax. Relaxation exercise such as yoga, tai chi and meditation work particularly well.

Adjust noise levels – keep a low level of background noise such as an open window or leaving the radio on. Avoid excessive noise which makes tinnitus worse, use ear plugs for example if you are in a noisy environment or doing something such as mowing the lawn.

Develop good sleeping patterns – Alter daily routine to ensure you get enough sleep. Make sure your bedroom is dark and peaceful and that you go to bed relaxed and tired.

Improve your diet – Reducing sugar and fat in your diet with help with the symptoms of tinnitus. It is recommended that you eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and high protein foods such as fish and chicken.

Vitamins and minerals – a number of vitamins (A, B, C and E), zinc, garlic, kelp and sea vegetables are also found to be very beneficial in reducing the effects of Tinnitus.

Avoid caffeine and smoking – both caffeine and smoking have been found to aggravate the symptoms of tinnitus, reducing the intake of these could significantly reduce the symptoms.

Review medication – if you are taking medication for another condition, it is possible that this may be making the symptoms of Tinnitus worse. Speak to your GP about the link between your medication and tinnitus, it may be that you and your GP need to consider alternative medication.

Reduce levels of stress and anxiety – stress and anxiety are likely to make the symptoms of Tinnitus work. It is important to reduce levels of stress and anxiety, meditation techniques or counselling may help you with this.

Connecting with other Tinnitus sufferers – self-help groups are available in many communities and online support groups are a very useful way of sharing information and coping techniques. Self-help groups promote a feeling of hope and control and stop the feeling that some sufferers experience that they are alone in their condition.

Research – different techniques and ways of coping with Tinnitus work best for different people. Research the different products, therapies, techniques and remedies available to treat the symptoms of tinnitus and to discover what works best for you.

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